Mindful Movement Package – 5 hours

Mindful Movement Package – 5 hours

 135,00 5 hours

Our mental well-being is as important as our physical wellness. That’s why SportActivator™ brings you the mindful movement package that comprises of 5 hours of training. Find the perfect balance between your mind and body and work towards unraveling inner peace.

The lessons will begin at the breathing lesson, where you will meet the coach and discuss the way things will proceed. After that, all you need to do is to prepare your mat and enjoy the ride.

The package consists of 5 lessons:

1/2 x Pranayama, 4x Yoga/Pilates, 1/2 x Guided meditation.





  • You get a chance to fill in your workout preference while filling in the requirements.
  • The sessions will be conducted through Zoom or Microsoft Teams, and you’ll receive the details in an email.

Order now and let the transformation begin.

Bookings available also via email: info@sportactivator.com